Translation – Potential Big Business
लेख़क Administrator   
In the new age of globalization, effective communication and information exchange have assumed a new dimension and translation services seem to attain a big business status in near future. In the Indian context, this is more apparent as multinationals are trying to enter local markets and expand their customer base. Up till now the local markets are protected from foreign products and services due to language barrier as most of the people do not know English and rely on the salespersons who can talk their language.
Now the situation is fast changing and soon multinationals will employ translation services to create advertisements and service centres to provide local language support. Creative writing will translation will help writers in becoming financially sound. This will increase imports and would help MNCs.
Indian industries should encourage and sponsor the translation services for translation of information from regional language to English for exporting their products and services.
Translation of books also may become a lucrative business. Students and teachers can take up this profession which will help Indian industry while earning.Educational institutes should take a lead and form links with industries and writers for developng this new potential business.
We find number of Marathi blogs written by young Marathi speaking IT professionals and Marathi people staying abroad in eSakal and Maharashtra Times web editions. May be, they are more sensitive to Marathi and take pleasure and feel comfortable in expressing their feelings in their own native language.
If however, in broader perspective, if one thinks of promoting Marathi literature and culture or progress of Marathi people in general, it is essential that the knowledge treasure in Marathi should cross boundaries and be available to the global community. There is a scanty information about Marathi literature and culture in English, the major medium of communication on internet. Very few authors, poets and their works are known to outside world. We take pride in having best talent in Maharashtra, but there are no worthy names of authors who have created their impression in English literature.
Marathi people staying in other states and country have unique advantage of familiarity with English and some other language and they should use this premise to take more proactive role in enhancing image of Maharashtra by intentional writing in English and other languages. As any writing is based on experience and thinking, Marathi people while writing in other language will naturally use and disply Marathi knowledge, culture and lifestyle in their work. This will help them build their career as writer in today’s content hungry communication and advertising media and indirectly help Marathi literature and Maharashtra in general. In Maharashtra also their writing will be welcome as it will provide a window to outside world and build new confidence in Marathi people. In addition, cross cultural bridges will be established crossing the language barriers.

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