An act of forgiving
लेख़क Dr. S. V. Ranade   
Translation of Marathi Poem to reveal its meaning for Non-Marathi readers. Suggest better wording to improve its quality.
Poem - Kshama (An act of forgiving)
from ‘Sangava’, book of poems
by Mrs. Shubhangi S. Ranade
An act of forgiving

Control your anger and don’t become panic
Don’t give place for this disease of mind
Then flowers of joy will bloom in your mind

If you control your anger,
You will enjoy peace of mind
Anger has not done any good
For anybody in the whole world

Kourava, Ravana and Kansa like demons
Did bad and cruel deeds through heat of anger

Don’t take weapon in your hands
To torture others like extremists
Forgive all and keep your mind
Quiet and calm

Our life is but a transitory event
Don’t end it with your own anger
Act of forgiving will give you
divine happiness
Think of it as your kind mother

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