Do not pluck the buds
लेख़क Dr. S. V. Ranade   
My humble attempt of translating Marathi Poem to reveal its meaning for non Marathi readers.
Poem - Kalya Naka Todu. (Do not pluck the buds)
from ‘Sangava’, book of poems
by Mrs. Shubhangi S. Ranade
You may take my flowers
But please do not pluck the buds
They are sleeping little kids,
Please don’t destroy their dreams

As you are children of your parents
The same way buds and flowers are
Children of we, plants and creepers
Don’t do bad things the fruits of which are bad
Do not disturb the sleep of our kids

You give us water, we shall give you flowers
Let us we all become brothers and sisters
Day of reward will come one day
Don’t get hasty and wait for the day

When the sun will rise in the morning sky
Colors will glow on the surface of land
Let them sleep happily
Don’t snatch their robes
Please do not disturb their sleep

They are enjoying sweet little dreams
In their one day's life, they will make you happy
Wait till tomorrow, they will be yours
Don’t pluck them today and destroy their dreams

If they sleep well, they will bloom with beauty
Carrying with them colors and scent
Pluck them delicately and don’t cut their necks
Let them sleep now, don’t disturb them

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