I don't know
लेख़क Dr. S. V. Ranade   
Translation of Marathi Poem to reveal its meaning for Non-Marathi readers. Suggest better wording to improve its quality.
Poem - Thauke Na (I don't know)
from ‘Kavyadeep’, book of poems
by Mrs. Shubhangi S. Ranade
I don't know
I don’t know
How the sweet water comes in a coconut

Tiny sparrow sings sweet songs
I don’t know who taught her that

Stars starts blinking in the night sky
From where they come, I don’t know

Water spring gushes out by splitting the hard rock
Who does that miracle, I don’t know

When the night ends, I get awake from my dream
How it happens, I don’t know

When you do something
Fruit of it comes accordingly
How it comes like that, I don’t know

Gentlemen speak sweet and good words
Who put them in their speech, I don’t know

Janabai disciple of Namadeo
How gets engrossed in praying Panduranga
I don’t know

Similarly I don’t know
How the poem comes to me
With attractive dress and ornaments

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