लेख़क Dr. S. V. Ranade   
Translation of Marathi Poem to reveal its meaning for Non-Marathi readers. Suggest better wording to improve its quality.
Poem - Hishob (Accounts)
from ‘Sangava’, book of poems
by Mrs. Shubhangi S. Ranade

When I thought of counting plus and minus in my life
I found that take it after giving as the first rule of accounting

Fruits of work come after work is done
This is rule which does not change
Your eyes will fill with tear and joy
Based on the work done by you

Money, land or property do not come for help
Do not worry when you keep your health

Sun toils whole day giving bright light
Then you feel happy with cool moonlight

Efforts in prime life come for help in old age
Then you are fresh and green even when body is lean

Speaking always truth, gives power to talk
Do not mere pray the god without doing efforts

If you leave lust, ego, envy and anger
You will find joy filling the sky everywhere

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