The other path
लेख़क Dr. S. V. Ranade   
Translation of Marathi Poem to reveal its meaning for Non-Marathi readers. Suggest better wording to improve its quality.
Poem - Duji Vaat (The other path)
from ‘Sangava’, book of poems
by Mrs. Shubhangi S. Ranade
The other path

There are many ways to achieve your goal
Though all travel on the easy and known path
Select your path searching for the novel way
Travel on that path and reach to your goal

Fruits and flowers available without toil
Nobody knows their worth in this world
When you travel on the thorny path
You will know their real worth

Though the land below your feet has ups and downs
Keep looking down and move ahead without getting tired
Everything will become gems, diamonds and pearls for you
Like a cool soothing shadow after a scorching hot sunlight

Toil your body and build the statue
You will see then your God in that statue
Fold your hands and bow before the God
Then you will get the real freedom from life

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